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RIYL: The Suffers, chris stapleton, Nathaniel rateliff and the night sweats

Genre: Americana/Soul

Hometown: Nashville, TN

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Devon Heath is an artist with endless stories to tell, thanks to a life full of humbling lessons and impactful experiences. Comparable to Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Chris Stapleton, and Leon Bridges, Devon moves his listeners to enjoy every part of life on his new record, Gathering The Good.

Devon Heath began his music journey as a kid growing up in west Texas. Now based in Nashville, Tennessee, the Devon Heath sound has evolved from the acoustic folk soul of 2015's “The St. Clair Revival” EP to something more like classic soul with a twist (or two).

With inspiration from a long list of legends like The Staple Singers and Van Morrison, combined with old-school Southern Gospel and “Pet Sounds” era Beach Boys, all topped off with modern melodies and arrangements, Devon Heath hits that sweet spot between familiar and new.

After enduring a litany of impactful and humbling life events, Devon made his way to Tennessee. After experiencing such change, Devon's influences came from every nook and cranny of the Nashville sound. Working with Walker Swain and a top-notch East Nashville team, Heath set out to create his new record Gathering The Good. The record embodies the transformational effect of Devon's story, and signifies the beginning of a new era in Devon's artistry.





"Gathering the Good" Press Release


Devon Heath is set to release his new EP, Gathering The Good.

Gathering The Good is a record with influences from every corner of the music world. Devon’s journey through the creation of this record was guided by East Nashville producer Walker Swain, and supported by strong instrumentalists from around the city. Devon walks the line between easy listening and radio-worthy jams, still managing to exude his own personal flavor within every note.

Devon has released 3 singles over as many months, each displaying unique stylistic and lyrical components. The first of which, “Can’t Give Up,” boasts an upbeat bounce and powerful background vocals, the song brings a party with it wherever it’s heard. “Lonely Man” is the second single off of the record and combines the sounds of southern soul with modern-pop melody, and serves as a reminder to always be good to the ones you love. “Easy Love”, is centered around those relationships that love no matter what, and with it’s slow groove feel will have you pulling in your loved one for a dance in no time.

Track four of five on Gathering The Good, “Find Your Way,” showcases Heath’s powerful voice from the first second to the last. Heath speaks directly to us all singing “I’ve been’re gonna find your way.” A simple reminder that life’s harder parts will always yield to the easier ones. The track seems to live in a different time, reminiscent of Ben King’s “Stand By Me” from the bassline to the vocal performance.

Gathering The Good stands as Heath’s most adventurous project to date, departing from the Americana genre almost entirely. But when asked about the changes Devon says, “It’s all about the Journey, and it’s been a long road from my last record.” When it’s all said and done, this record is about one thing and one thing only, love. “This record is a celebration of love- How much it's worth, what it can do, and  that it's worth fighting for. “ says Heath.

Gathering The Good will be available everywhere August 3rd.


"I feel so much joy listening to his lyrics and delivery" - Jill Pavel, MUC

"Almost nothing is more savory than syrup vocals dripping in Southern sound. Devon Heath always delivers an almost saccharine sound, like molasses." - Nicole Sergent, BSL

"...with hints of vintage soul, Motown, and good ol’ fashioned rock n’ roll supporting Heath’s hearty, barrel-chested vocals, this album is the sound of freedom." - Susan Hubbard, East of 8th

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